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New Year. New Look. New Level of Service to Our Readers and Clients.

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

As we welcome another year, we are making some changes to the FPG website and to our mission’s main focus. You may have noticed that for the last several weeks we have rerun earlier publications. Those were chosen because of their popularity and to allow us to focus on redesigning and preparing to launch our new web presence. Now, we’re back to focusing on what has helped us build our growing and dedicated online community.

We remain committed to providing accurate, astute and actionable thought leadership and resources for employers and service providers committed to putting the interests of employee benefit plans and their participants before all else. As our motto says:

The first rule for fiduciaries is to put their interests last.

What will be new is a conscious emphasis on actually providing the services employers and employees need to turn their benefit plans and financial resources into the secure lives they desire and, with proper long-term planning, should be able to achieve.

You will have noticed that, unlike virtually every other website providing information, guidance and resources like we offer, ours is not cluttered with advertisements and branding from “sponsors.” That is intentional. Objectivity is and has always been our foundation value. We aren’t deviating from that.

In the course of engagements with clients of FPG as well as of our investment advisory firm, Dietz & Lynch Capital (DLC), we have come to understand that you and they are looking for us to assist in acting on the information and guidance we offer.

That is to say FPG’s consulting clients and readers are looking for advisory services and DLC’s advisory clients, individuals and employers, want our governance consulting services.

Therefore, since success only comes from actions taken, this year we will be providing clear guidance on how we can assist you in acting on the information and recommendations we make in our blogs and other communications whenever that seems appropriate.

Thank you for your loyalty! Our best wishes for the coming year and all those to follow!

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