The Prudent Suite: A Complete Benefit Plan Management Solution

For a complete overview of what we can do to help your plan, download the FPG Suite of Services or view FPG Fee Reduction Case Studies to see our success in reducing plan fees for clients.

Prudent Control™: FPG can partner more fully with you by managing all aspects of your retirement plan. Delegating this responsibility to FPG’s experts provides you with the highest level of control and security you can achieve through our complete circle of management and independent oversight in conjunction with a pioneering, nationally chartered institutional partner .

By delegating the responsibilities of managing your retirement account, Prudent Control™ affords you the freedom to focus entirely on your business and provides you the confidence that the plan is being managed as efficiently and effectively as you manage your own business.

Prudent Benefits : A basic compliance assessment for your benefit plans. The first step is to complete our Prudent Benefit Checklist for your retirement and/or health and welfare plan(s). FPG will then review your answers and provide your Prudent Benefits Report and binder. Together we evaluate your organization’s unique position and identify your plan’s strengths and weaknesses. We then discuss steps to improve your score. Each year thereafter, FPG provides an updated Prudent Benefits Report.

 Provides an annual review of essential benefit plan documentation and management to more efficiently use employee time and resources.

Prudent Assure™: FPG becomes your outsourced Chief Compliance Officer to help manage your responsibilities as a trustee or plan sponsor. Our professionals collaborate with you to coordinate, evaluate, and independently assess your service providers. FPG acts as your governance and management consultant offering custom solutions, and works effectively with your trusted advisors.

 Our team handles the responsibilities of managing this process for your organization, or acts as the outsourced resource to assist your in-house team in this specialized niche area.

Prudent Bid: Evaluating advisors and service providers is not as easy as having a checklist and a scorecard. FPG understands how to frame the questions as well as qualify the answers. Whether you are benchmarking your plan or considering an advisor or other service providers by means of an RFI or RFP, our industry knowledge and expertise makes the process highly efficient and cost-effective as well as achieving a thorough, objective and trustworthy result.

An expertly designed and executed evaluation of services, costs and the benefits you can expect from each provider to identify the most appropriate fits based on your specific needs.

Prudent Plan: No matter what your size, an efficient, low-cost, high-quality plan with minimal work and fiduciary risk is possible. FPG has created a unique and comprehensive solution that gives you access to multiple pre-vetted total plan offerings. Our team will help you identify, evaluate, compare and select the most appropriate service providers, or for maximum prudence, we can make the selection for you. In either case, FPG will continue to monitor and manage the entire plan package.

This solution helps organizations minimize the effort of a complex search by using solutions for which FPG has already done the due diligence. Plan offerings often appear comparable when, in fact, they are anything but. Prudent Plan removes the conflicts of interest, the self-serving sales process and the confusion so common in the retirement plan marketplace. We’ve done the work for you…and continue to do so all the way through.

FeeSource™: Fee disclosure regulation compliance is not simply a matter of taking the reports your advisor or vendors complete for you and passing them on. The regulations are complex and can be confusing. Compliance requires plan sponsors to independently and objectively determine all the services a plan receives are necessary and that the fees charged and paid are reasonable. You can’t rely on your service providers to do that because they’d be evaluating themselves! FeeSource™ was built by former Department of Labor Senior Investigators with an eye on creating a complete process that not only reviews what you need to do, but actually does most of it for you!

Complying with the new fee disclosure regulations is going to be a major focus and concern for employees, employers and the regulators at both DOL and the IRS. FeeSource™ provides the comfort of knowing you’ve already been where the enforcers are likely to go and have taken care of what they will care about.