For a complete overview of what we can do to help your client’s plan, download the FPG Suite of Services or view FPG Fee Reduction Case Studies to see our success in reducing plan fees for clients.

Enhancing Auditor’s Value
FPG provides benefit plan auditors with the ability to introduce a value added element to their clients. While a benefit plan audit helps clients ensure their asset values are accurate and that the plan is following Department of Labor and ERISA regulations the audit does not get into detailed analysis and evaluation of plan fees and governance issues. FPG does.

We Will Help Your Clients:
·    Understand how to best leverage their fees
·    Streamline plan governance
·    Assess and minimize risk
·    Decrease potential liabilities

What About Client Plans That Are Not Audited?
The majority of benefit plans are not required to be audited. Almost any business client in your firm can benefit from the services FPG provides. Often these organizations have less experienced internal staff to assist in the assessment and management of these plans.

Our Offer to Every CPA firm
We will provide our basic governance risk assessment and benchmarking analysis for up to 5 of your clients at no cost. Let us demonstrate to you how FPG can become a client retention and enhancement tool for existing clients as well as a sales strategy to draw in new clients for financial statement, tax and accounting services.